Friday, April 1, 2011

Superhero Tournament Championship!!!

Well, after posting out Superhero tournamentfor the last couple of weeks, our championship match came down to Superman Vs. Thor.

Here's the recap of the semi-finals:
So in our epic Superman vs. Thor battle, it comes down to several factors:

Superman is amazingly strong, durable and with accelerated healing. He has heat vision, super speed and icy breath. He is also vulnerable to kryptonite, which Thor does not have, nor would he use. Superman is, like all Kryptonians, very susceptible to magic, which Thor has in abundance when he wields the hammer Mjolnir.

Thor, on the other hand has no weaknesses other than being separated from the hammer. Superman is fast...and strong and he might be able to get his hands on the hammer, but I don't think he could separate Thor from it. Not for long anyway. The Hulk wasn't able to capitalize on this weakness.

So, I think this comes down to a major slugfest. Both parties beat the crap out of each other with some serious collateral damage. both heroes literally do not know how to quit, but I think this one tips in Thor's favor! As the Odinson says, "As long as there is life, there is hope!".

Our championship goes to The Mighty Thor

What a nifty piece of marketing for Thor since his movie comes out on May 6th! Go see him in action!

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