Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Superhero Tournament Sweet Sixteen!!!

Here is our Superhero Tournament Sweet Sixteen!!! If you missed the last couple of days, here are the links to the round two matchups
And here are our Sweet Sixteen!!! (check out the  battle commentary beneath the bracket)

  • DC Heroes
    • Superman had to get past Batman to make it in. Ture, Batman is prepared with his power armor and his stash of kryptonite, but Superman puts on a lead suit and he's resistant to Kryptonite. Bats could get through the lead suit if he had time, but time is one luxury you don't get when fighting the big red "S". Bats goes down.
    • Green Lantern went up against Martian Manhunter whose strength, telepathy, invisibility, and intangibility combined with his experience were too much for GL. Not many aliens can take down a Green Lantern, but Jonn J'onnz is one that can!
    • Captain Marvel went up against Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is tough, but Cap has the strength of Hercules, speed of Hermes and all that jazz.
    • Flash fought Dr. Fate...who can beat Dr. Fate?
  • DC Villains
    • Doomsday vs. Joker...nuff said.
    • Black Adam vs. Poison Ivy. Ivy was able to use her feminine wiles to beguile Bizarro. Not going to work on Black Adam. And the plants? please. Black Adam advances.
    • Sinestro vs. Brainiac. As much as I love Sinestro, his vulnerabilites are too well known for a super computer not to take advantage of. Brainiac also has ranged weapons and hand to hand weapons. Brainiac takes this one.
    • Lex Luthor vs. Bane. Both are super intelligent strategists, but Lex has been mixing it up with superheroes since Bane was a kid. Lex handles this one without too much fuss.
  • Marvel Heroes
    • Thor vs. Ghost Rider. Not much of a contest here. Even GR's penance stare can't do much to Thor. He is just an alien mind. Doesn't feel guilt like a normal human.
    • Spiderman vs. Hulk. As much as I would love to see Spidey take this one, I just can't imagine it.
    • Professor X vs. Iron Man. I know the Prof could affect Tony's mind, but Tony has enough gadgets to take this one. Either a psionic inhibitor, or remote controlled armor or something.
    • Beast vs. Hawkeye. Beast takes this with his combination of strength, speed, agility and intellect.
  • Marvel Villains
    • Magneto handles Juggernaught
    • Proteus advances over Legion. A mega matchup of mental powers, but the reality-warping powers of Proteus are too much for Legion.
    • Doctor Doom vs. M.O.D.O.K. No real contest here. Doc is a major genius with awesome armor and all the gadgets in the world. Doc invents stuff like M.O.D.O.K. He doesn't get taken out by it.
    • Poor Carnage. He had to go up against Apocalypse. Apocalypse sails into the Sweet Sixteen.

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