Monday, April 4, 2011


Inspiration is everywhere out there. I think motivation comes from inspiration.

An example: I was in a slump on my Sanction blog. Life was just in the way. Then I picked up a copy of Mark Millar's excellent "Ultimates 2" graphic novel. It is inspiring in a major way! Sure, some people say not to read while you are in the creating process, but I read to be inspired, not to mimic, copy or steal. Then again, all art has a bit of a mimic in it. As Seth Godin points out in his post on originality, if you create something that is truly unlike anything else, and thus few people relate to it, then you are considered a whacko more often than you are considered a genius. So I seek out inspiration, and when I find it, I use it!

Another example is Arthas by Christie Golden. Very inspiring for my work on "The Matter of Britain" (My Pendragon story).

I watched "Season of the Witch" as well. I loved it and it sets a great tone for fantasy writing.

If you aren't inspired today, seek out the stuff that you know you like. Watch it, read it, listen to it. Repeat until inspiration strikes...then, go!

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  1. thank you, my blogging world is too much... i lost my inspiration. i find that joining a blog-fest is great food for post. i burned myself out on doing to many sites.

    so thanks for your inspiration!