Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I finally saw "Inception". Okay...I was behind the times on this one. I suppose everyone else has seen it.
Usually, this sort of reality-bending, thought provoking story is right up my alley.
I was left feeling a little flat after Inception. Here are the best parts:
  • Awesome fight scene with no gravity. Very, very cool.
  • Cinematography and locations were fantastic
  • Great cast
  • Cool action
  • Thought provoking enough to keep me watching after most of my interst had faded AND it led to a great discussion about the movie with my wife.
So why didn't I like it? I guess, to me, the dream state idea has been done a lot and it always leads to the question, "what is the dream and what is reality?".
I know Inception tried to take a different tact at it, but I don't think it was all that different. I have my own interpretation about what the ending meant. It's ambiguous so it's meant to be interpreted multiple ways, but what is important is that (spoiler) Cobb walks away from the spinning top to go be with his kids. He has stopped caring whether he is awake or asleep and he is just accepting "the now".

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