Thursday, March 24, 2011

Superhero Tournament Final Four!!!!

Well, here we are, down to our Final Four in the Superhero March Madness!!!
Read below to see who they beat to get here!!!

  • Superman edged out Captain Marvel. Sure Cap beat Supes in Kingdom Come with the "Shazam" thing, but that can't work every time. With some preparation, Superman takes this one by a nose!
  • Black Adam advances past Lex Luthor. Lex is a super genius, but he has been preparing for Superman all of these years. Black Adam is just plain evil and Lex goes down.
  • Iron Man is outclassed in a battle with Thor. The Asgardian has it all over Iron Man in sheer power, though Tony makes a great showing with his skill, inteelect,  technology and experience.
  • Apocalypse proves too much for Proteus. Proteus is a powerful mutant, but Apocalypse has been taking down mutant for millenia. As an External, the mighty Apocalypse advances after a tough battle with Proteus.
Cast some votes for who advances to the Championship bout!!!!

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