Thursday, March 24, 2011

Superhero Tournament Elite Eight

Our Elite Eight is announced. These are the final eight superheroes/villains remaining from our last few days of tournament brackets. Who will be in the Final Four? (Commentary below on how these eight advanced)

Superman manages to take down Martian Manhunter. Manhunter has the raw power, but a big weakness to fire. Not good against a Kryptonian.
Captain Marvel gets by Dr. Fate. Fate is amazing, but Cap has the speed to get the helmet away from him, and is magic-based himself.
Black Adam manages to take down Doomsday due to the Kryptonian weakness vs. Magic. This took a lot of research. Doesn't look like Doomsday has fared too well against magic and hasn't encountered it often enough to have evolved a defense for it. Tough battle to decide.
Lex Luthor gets the upper hand on Brainiac, only because he has done it before a few times. Another tough call though.
Thor beats Hulk. This battle has been played out a few times. It's hard to beat Thor.
Iron Man over Beast. Beast's presence was controversial and unbelievable to some. His magic run comes to a quick halt verus the Golden Avenger.
Proteus over Magneto. Magneto is awesome and the master of magnetism, but Proteus can alter reality in some funky ways. Magento goes down.
Finally Apocalypse wins over Doctor Doom. Toughest call of all right here. Doctor Doom is a great villain who is powerful and smart, but Apocalypse is stunningly powerful and I think even Victor Von Doom would be hard pressed to beat him. Epic battle here though.

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