Monday, June 29, 2009

Green look-a-like

This is a picture of "Pabst" - recently voted the world's ugliest dog. A note of interest- Pabst is an exact look-a-like of Green, from Green Gates Entertainment. I'm not sure how my partner feels about being a twin for the world's ugliest dog, but I thought it was interesting enough to post.


I love vacations. I am always so much more enthused and inspired after getting away for awhile and everything seems so clear to me when I get back. My advice...if you haven't been on vacation in a few months, schedule one. Even if it is a staycation.
Good news. Got some initial interest from a publisher for Forsaken. (Western Gothic novel).
They asked for some revisions, which we happily made, and it is back with them.
Why would we happily make revisions? Some people would say to revise nothing and stay true to the original story. Of course, I would say to those people "have fun self publishing" because most successful publishers feel they know what will sell (and their track records usually support their opinion). So, certain allowances are made.
Of course I am pleased just to get something other than "REJECT".
Now I hope they come back and say "We love it!".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GGE activity

Whew. GGE has been busy lately. We have sent "The Forsaken" off to a couple of publishers who "might" be interested and we have been working on closing out "Insurrection" (working title) our latest novel.
Next on the agenda?
Submit "Insurrection"
Polish up "The Forsaken" Screenplay and submit it
Discuss a graphic novel script for "Insurrection" and possibly get started on that
Identify the third propery for development (development to begin in late 2009)

In there somewhere we need to have our corporate annual meeting in beautifil Chattanooga, TN and lead our "normal" lives at the same time!

Play Brett Favre! Play!

I know not all of you may be sports fans or football fans, but it would be hard to escape the annual "I'm retired, I'm not retired" saga of Brett Favre.
I will say this - if Brett loves football as much as I think he does, and he can play at all then he should play as long as he wants to.
Who among us gets a career we love? Who would agonize at the thought of retirement? It's a small population my friends and if he can hobble onto the field, the he should.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Forsaken

Hey there, just wanted to post that "The Forsaken" - GGE's cross genre western/horror novel (what we call Western Gothic) is out with a couple of publishers. Maybe we will get the good word that someone is dying to publish it!
Worst case, we add to our stack of rejection letters.
My theory on rejection letters is as follows:
There is a number of rejection letters separating me from selling any of our properties. The only way to work through that number of rejection letters is to collect them as quickly as possible by submitting the work regularly.

Of course one has to research publishers and submit to those whose publications match your work.

So...go collect rejection letters. Eventually you'll get a letter of a whole different sort.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday is gone. Don't lament it or allow yourself to feel guilt for Yesterday.
Tomorrow may not even get here. Tomorrow is just a plan. By the time it arrives, it will be Now (are you reminded of a Space Balls bit?)
The point is...Right Now is all we have. Do something with it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What we love

You know what we love at GGE? (list in no particular order)

Horror movies
Science fiction movies
Fantasy movies
Sci-fi/fantasy novels
Comic books
Super hero movies
Comic book conventions
The Beach
Running and lifting weights
B-rated Monster movies

Lots of other stuff, but that is a pretty good list.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Trek

Been awhile since I blogged. I should apologize for that. I have been spending some time on what the GGE website should look like. Obviously, it should have a link to the blog where we can keep up a dialogue with readers, viewers, aficionados, etc!

I just saw Star Trek and came away with a healthy dose of inspiration. Roddenberry created something so timeless that I watched it as a kid and now I am taking my kids to see it years later. How great is that? What is so enduring about Star Trek? I know the popular line is the positive view it gives of the future, but there has to be more to it than that. Is it the ship designs? the visuals? The hot chicks. It's always had hot chicks.

Would Star Trek had been as successful if it had been a novel first? A comic book? A line of toys? A movie? Did it have to be launched as a TV series. A TV series that was canceled. Something made it grab ahold of people. That's what I want to do!