Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What are you?

I love the movie "Troy" but I think the coolest line is when Paris and Hector's cousin asks Achilles why he decided to become a warrior and he replies, "I was born. This is what I am." For Achilles, there was no choice.
It's the same for you and me. There is something you were meant to be. Something that the universe is just waiting for you to discover and go for so every fiber of the universe can assist you.
So what are you? I don't mean what do you do or how do you make your cash. What are you? What were you born to be?
Me? I'm a storyteller. I was born. That's what I am.

Monday, May 18, 2009


If what you are doing is not working...meaning if you aren't getting the results you want and you feel like giving up. Change tactics instead. Go for a new approach. Brainstorm a new way to look at the issue or a new way of doing it. Don't give up out of hand. It may just be a tactical issue.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Who is the best author in the world?

That's such a subjective question. Of course there is no right or wrong answer. It could be you! It could be me! If we know our audience and write just for them and make it the best stuff we can produce...who knows.

Of course, we have to write something first...

Monday, May 11, 2009


The latest project at Green Gates Entertainment is a fantasy novel with a working title of "Insurrection". That title is almost certain to change through the editting phase though I have no idea what the eventual title may be. The story has been really exciting to write and I can't wait to start shopping it around for potential buyers! It will probably also be developed as an animated script.
I can't wait to get it out into the public so we can talk about it here on this blog. I would love to have some discussions about the future of the characters and the world and all that jazz. Readers should have some contact with creators. It helps keep the shark from getting jumped.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is not a music blog of course, but there are lots of similarities in creative processes...hence today's subject.
Does Mick Jagger practice the song "Satisfaction" anymore? I don't know the answer to that of course, but I have an idea. "Satisfaction" was recorded and released in 1965.
I cannot imagine how many times a year Mick has sung "Satisfaction" and yet I suspect he still rehearses it. I suspect all of the Stones still rehearse it.
My point? To be the best in the world, take work and work and work. We may not all be the best in the world, or the Rolling Stones, but we all want to be better than "good enough" and to do so, no matter how much talent or luck we have, we all still have to put in the magic ingredient - dedicated and persistent work.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best in the World

Have we missed our chance to be the Best in the World? At what? Anything! What am I blabbering about?
I was thinking about "the bests" and it seems like the bests were all "the best" while they were young. I'm not ancient, but I don't classify as "young" either. I even aged out of the "young democrats society" so I guess I am officially "not young".
Here's a list of names that comes to mind:
George Lucas (Star Wars at 26) - though he might still be "the best"
Tiger Woods
Babe Ruth
Richard Petty
Michael Jordan
Emmitt Smith
The Beatles
Bill Gates
Stephen King
Steven Spielberg

I am trying to think of people who "became" the best after they were 30 or 40. Not just people who became the best when they were young and then stayed the best or pretty good until they were old. For example:

Louis Pasteur - did his best work late in life
Ulyssess Grant - became the Commander in Chief after being "the town drunk" at age 40
Mark Twain - he wasn't Mark Twain until he was older
Albert Einstein
JK Rowling

It looks like we may have missed our chance to be the world's best rock and roller or sports figure, but may author, creator, illustrator, scientist, inventor, discoverer is still out there for the taking? I intend to act as if it is and go for it.

Star Trek Wars

What an auspicious week for us "speculative fiction aficionados"... I suppose that could read "sci-fi geeks" but either label is fine in the case of Green and Gates. It fits. This week saw "Star Wars Day" of course (May in May the fourth be with you) and we all watched Star Wars films, shows, etc (at least I did).
Now, we are approaching the release of the new "Star Trek" which I am, of course, anxiously awaiting. No you won't see me on opening night in a uniform or wearing rubber ears, but I will be there somewhere watching Kirk get the girls and kick butt.
I remember the Star Trek Communicator (a trek magazine) predicting back in the 80's that at some point Trek popularity would wane and it would take a return to the younger Kirk and Spock with different actors to being it back to the forefront. At the time, of course, they were still releasing movies with the original crew and I way! Shatner is Kirk! Now, it looks like the prediction will come true and I can't wait! It's time for a new start.
Wish Roddenberry could see it. Remember Roddenberry "failed" a bunch of times before getting someone to agree to make Star Trek. So...message to creators out there? Keep plugging away!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wolverine and Expectations

I saw Wolverine this weekend (of course - I want to support my own industry) and I was very pleased. It caused me to reflect a bit on Stan Lee and the other creators of Marvel's heroes. Have there been new superheroes in the last few years? Sure. Can you name any? Maybe you can, if you are a geek like me, but for the most part it is the originals that people remember. Why is that? There were superheroes before the X-men. Lots of them. There were superheroes before Spiderman. Superman and Batman have been around a long time, but others have come and gone and nobody seems to have displaced these heroes.
Why? Two reasons. In Superman's case he was first. Nothing like him had really been seen before (except in the book Gladiator). Batman was also a first in that he was "dark". Dark for the time is not dark now, but when Batman came out he was dark.
We don't have the advantage of being first, but neither did Stan Lee. Stan Lee simply exceeded all expectations. He took a genre and made it new againby making superheroes as people like you and I, or at least people we would recognize. People expected "just another superhero comic book" and instead they got Peter Parker who kicks butt as Spidey (and is funny as hell) but as Peter Parker he has trouble with school, girls and holding down a job. You have the X-men who save the world once a month but also struggle with a type of racism against mutantkind. It was new and poignant and exceeded everyone's expectations.
So all you and I have to do to add to that pantheon? Take what is familiar and make it new again and not in a gimmicky way but in a sincere way that speaks to readers.
Sounds simple (it's not), it's achievable (but it takes work) let's get to work.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today is THE DAY!!!

Today just feels like "the day"! This is the day to launch your new project! Or pursue your dream of learning to play guitar or piano or starting up your exercise program and cutting back a few calories. It just feels like the day!
Go looks at your list of top ten dreams (Don't have one? Now is the day to make one) and get started towards one of them!
I'll do the same!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I managed to catch an early screening of Wolverine and I still echo my post of a week or so ago. Go see it!
It wasn't on par with "The X-men" to me, but then I like the X-men as a team better than I like Wolverine as a solo character and I always have. I like his interaction with the rest of the team so much and some of that goes away when he is alone.
Still, it is a very good superhero movie with lots of awesome effects and a ton of cool powers on display!
Do they mess with the Marvel mythos a little? Probably, but watch it for what it is...a kick ass superhero movie. And throw some cash at it if you like superhero movies! We need to support them when they show up so we get lots and lots more!