Thursday, April 14, 2011

How best to utilize our time

GGE is in a bit of a "phase" right now. For the first three years of our little venture, we have been creating, brainstorming, planning, writing, drawing, etc.
Now, we are trying to decide how best to put our next foot forward. Here is what I mean.

With a handful of projects developed and in a viewable form do we:
  • Submit them to publishers, gatekeepers, industry folks and hope that we become "the chosen"
  • Do we "choose ourselves"?
  • If we choose ourselves, which sounds great, what does that look like? Independent press status? Small press publishing of our own books and comix?
  • Or do we put content online for free so we aren't bogged down with sales figures, reviews and things like that?
Maybe it's a little of all of that. Some free content to test it out. Some items produced by GGE so we can garner some reviews and some sales and see how we stand. It's all a learning experience.

If we choose ourselves, and we choose well, then the industry gatekeepers either come and find us...or their choices become less essential.

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