Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ConNooga 2011

Well, I made my second visit to Con Nooga this past weekend. If you missed my post about Con Nooga last year, here it is.

I also posted a little about Bobby Nash last year. If you are not familiar with Bobby, check out his work (BTW, congrats to Bobby on recently signing a publishing deal wih New Babel Books.
Bobby didn't make it this year, but I did meet and talk to some other great writers.

This year, I was happy to spend time with
  • Sean Taylor (who I've been a fan of for a long time)
  • Stephen Zimmer (who is an exceptional writer)
  • Ed Crandell (creator of the very cool Westworld trilogy and a super nice guy!)
  • D.A. Adams (who wrote two books about Dwarves...GGE loves Dwarves) 

And I was happy to make the acquaintance of Michael D'Ambrosia and Allen Gilbreath.

Meeting other authors, writers and creators is always so inspiring to me! This year was no exception.

Other than that, my sons had a great time at the con with roleplaying, card gaming, and the cool programs like "Makeup Wars" (think horror makeup, not maybelline). They have a great kids program too. One of this year's events was making foam swords and then beating each other with them. That is very kid-centric and they loved it! In fact, I wouldn't have minded beating some people with a foam sword.

So I know that DragonCon is everyone's premiere con, but I want to put in a plug for Con Nooga. Great con. Big enough to kick ass, but small enough to feel personal. Lots of great events. Fantastic location and there is a great brewpub next door! (I recommend their wheat beer!)

If you have never been to Con Nooga, put it on your Con Calendar. It's held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, which is a great tourist attraction by itself, but the whole city is surrounded by fun things to do and most are accessible via the free solar powered shuttle that leaves every half hour from the Choo Choo. Tres cool!

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