Thursday, February 10, 2011


Watched "Machete". It is everything one would expect from a Robert Rodriguez movie. It is over the top violence, action and a good deal of nudity. It is a bit campy and a little cheesy. I absolutely loved it!
How does Rodriguez do this? He makes these movies that look like movies from my youth that I thought were so awesome, but were in fact, a bit cheesy and campy. He does this so that it seems like the movie takes itself 100% seriously, but it has some pretty unreal moments, but somehow he never crosses the line. I not only watch it without ever thinking about turning off the  Blu Ray...I devour it. I love it! It's a great couple of hours of total escapism.
I don't know how one strikes such a perfect balance of seriousness and cheese, but he does it. It doesn't hurt that I have always loved Danny Trejo. Probably the most convincing "bad ass" actor I know of. Although Tom Savini is a close second (and he's also in the film)

Oh yeah - other great reasons to see the movie? Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and even Lindsey Lohan.


  1. sweet deal. i want to see it!
    i love the camp.

  2. Dude, if you like the camp, you will love this. People have to view Rodriguez a certain way, but when you come into one of his films with the right mindset, they really are fun and entertaining. I loved it!