Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check out bobby Nash!

Tomorrow is ConNooga and my boys and I are headed over to Chattanooga for the weekend to check it all out. We are all thrilled to death.
As I perused the guest list, I came across Bobby Nash. I was not familiar with Mr. Nash so I thought I would check out his website and see what he had going on.
In a word...awesome!
I was especially geeked about Lance Star: Sky Ranger. Seems like something right up my alley.
You know what's most impressive? At least some of this looks like Mr. nash has done it himself, but this is where someone has done it right. He has taken his unique vision and brought it to the readers in various formats and in an unapologetic way. We should all be inspired to work as hard to make our vision reality.
Check it out!

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