Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Movie Update

So, I watched "Hancock" again this weekend. I love that movie. I was on the treadmill, flipped on FX and there it was. I think Hancock should be in the top ten of all superhero movies. On a related note, IMDB reports Hancock: the sequel has a release of 2013 yet Perez Hilton says it is on hold. Personally, I loved it and would love to see a sequel, but some movies stand fine when they stand alone.

I also watched "Megamind" this weekend. I thought it was fantastic. I thought it was a worthy successor to "The Incredibles" in that it was funny, beautifully done, had a superb cast and played really well of the superhero mythos. This one rocked.

The big disappointment this weekend was "All-Star Superman". I thought this one would be awesome. I love Superman and this story sounded great, but it was just a bit weak to me. I was hoping for a whole lot more, but it left a lot to be desired. Now I know the 12 issue comic series was written by legends and won an Eisner and all that, but "award winning" doesn't always mean "awesome".

Having said that, I will make my usual plea for both Superman and Megamind. If you are a comic book fan and love seeing superhero movies, then go spend money on these films. Either rent them or buy them. Even dropping $1 at the redbox on them helps because it tells Hollywood that we like superhero movies. Vote with your dollars to get more of the movies we enjoy!

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