Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pricing and Your Art

How do you price art? It's always interesting and I think we all know about "starving artists" so we know lots of people who realize that artists rarely get rich form their art. Some do, no doubt, but more often we don't even make a living from our art. We have other sources of income that, thankfuly, allow us to produce art.

Seth talks about pricing in his blog today and I like what he says. We don't want to race to the bottom of the pricing issue. We want to price our work for what it's worth. Maybe it should be free? It's probably not worth what we think, not yet anyway.

Why not? We don't have a long list of delighted customers who will pay to consume everything we produce. Joe Abercrombie will always get my dollars because he has proven to me that his writing will always delight me.

I can say this, I went online (via my Kindle) yesterday to buy four books from authors I know that I like. One waas $5.99, two were $2.99 and one was $18.99. I didn't buy the $18.99 Kindle edition though I eagerly snapped up the others. Maybe knowing what your worth and pricing accordingly is absolutely priceless.

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