Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kiss your sweetie! Buy some Chocolates! It's Valentine's Day! Is it a manufactured holiday? Maybe. Who cares. It's a day to celebrate love, show your sweetie you care about them, and maybe talk your way into some action in the bedroom. What's not to like!

Great weekend at GGE. Getting ready to head to Chattanooga in 4 days for ConNooga (I guess in the South I should say that I'm "fixin' to go to Chattanooga" - I'm from the South, hence the reason I feel free to make fun). I did some running and started a marathon training plan that should culminate in a marathon on or around Halloween. I did plenty of writing on Sanction. Some planning for Pendragon and Stitch. Green is busily reviewing/editting The Warchitect and Return To Glory and Danger Guild is being drawn as I type. All good stuff!

It's good to be busy.

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