Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sanction Files Released!

Finally started something I have been meaning to do forever! I started a new "fiction blog" over at Sanction Team.

The premise is that there is a single legally recognized Metahuman team in the United States and they go by the name "Sanction" since they have to be "sanctioned" by OMA (The Office of Metahuman Affairs) in order to operate and not be considered vigilantes.
The world is one in which there is a rich history of Metahuman involvement, but Sanction is a relatively recent government program.
So, the blog will "release" Sanction files (ala Wikileaks) that will basically tell the story of Sanction as it happens.
I am using current events as the storylines. I have wanted to do that for a long time. So, currently, one of Sanction's teams has been dispatched to Egypt to help evacuate Americans. We'll be following their time there.

On a separate note, I got the idea when teen sailor Abby Sunderland was lost at sea last June (she was found and was allright). During the time she was missing, I wanted us to have a real-live Superman to send out to find her. Of course we didn't (we had some French sailors though) but I decided right then that I would like to write certain events as I felt they should happen, which means we had superheroes to help us with them. My idea was strengthened by the Miners who were trapped last year and finally, I have made it a reality. So go check it out. The entries are short. Shouldn't take long to read and I plan on doing a nearly-daily update.

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