Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year. In between bowl games and well-wishing my friends, I have managed a list of New Years Resolutions. One big one is to get the GGE website (not this blog) truly functional with art, stories and maybe some goodies for people to check out, download or buy.
I am convinced (in large part due to Seth Godin) that a creative endeavor needs a web presence to start generating buzz and start collecting the 1,000 fans that seem to be the magic number.
So, for me, a big 2010 goal is to have a website that I am proud of and that people like to visit and check out.
Some plans are:
  • GGE News
  • Artworks around GGE properties
  • Some short fiction to read/download
  • Maybe a choose-your-own path online adventure
  • Some GGE rpg tie-in sourcebooks (using Pathfinder RPG as the source RPG of course - though by doing so, we could appeal to all of our D20 friends and fans).
Feel free to share some of your resolutions, goals and/or objectives. We can talk about them here and keep each other accountable!


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