Monday, January 11, 2010

Wolverine and the X-men

As somewhat of an expert on heroes and villains, I felt I should comment on this series. Like many of you, I saw this series around. I was slow to pick it up even though I have enjoyed both of the previous two X-men series. This one is now into season 4 so if you haven't picked it up yet, better get moving. It is cheap at $9.95 per DVD and is a darn good series.

I found this one to be really, really well done, with one exception. Charles Xavier, speaking from the future, tells Wolverine that he (Wolvie) has to take over as leader of the X-men or they will not survive.
I can't help it...this just hits me the wrong way. Cyclops is the leader. His skill is leading. Even Wolverine knows it! This, to me, seems a bit too commercial and is just not great story telling. Okay, for just a second, let's assume Cyke did something wrong and led the X-men to ruin. Well, Charles Xavier has trusted Cyclops for years and trained him to take over when Chuck was gone. Would he not just send Cyclops a message to zig when he zagged? Just tell Cyke what he did wrong and you KNOW he would not make the same mistake twice.
I love X-men, Wolverine, Cyclops and Professor X, but let's use them as they are intended. Professor X gets in trouble. Cyclops takes over as the heir apparent and the natural born leader. Wolverine kills stuff and gets the girls.


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