Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fail First, Then Succeed

Just read a really important post on Seth's Blog. Hint: It's about Tim Burton.

Tim Burton has had staggering success by any "creatives" measuring stick. His vision is amazing. His work is awesome. Some don't love it, but it is unique. He has stayed true to his vision and he has an extremely loyal following.

What I did not realize is that he pitches a lot of ideas that don't get picked up. They don't get a green light. He "fails". Every.single.year.

What's the take home message? I guess I assumed, as most would, that Tim Burton would just say "I have an idea" and people would line up to produce it. Not so. In that regard maybe he's not so different from you and I.
How is he different though? He keeps generating ideas. He keeps pitching them and he does this a lot.

Eventually one resonates and takes off. He has to fail a bunch before he can succeed. Of course when he does succeed, the world is thrilled about it.

Why should we be any different?


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