Saturday, January 16, 2010


Just went and saw Avatar in 3D - I know everyone is totally jazzed about it. I enjoyed it a great deal as well. Here are some thoughts though:

  • Stephen Lang was awesome as the Marine Colonel. He was just perfect. Why is that archetype always a bad guy though? Isn't that the same sort of man who defeated the Nazis? (and how can I get muscles like his? Especially when I am at the ripe age of 57?)
  • The story is, admittedly, very predictable. Is the movie only saved by the amazing special effects and the immersive world of Pandora?
  • The fact that the movie is very much "Dances with Wolves" but with a happier ending, reinforces the idea that we don't always have to look for a brand new story. Sometimes a new way of telling a familiar story can still resonate with audiences.
  • 3D is the only way to see this movie in the theaters. I am stll amazed by Tru 3D movies where the actors seem to be in the room with you.
  • I want one of those giant suits of driveable armor (mechs) like the Marines have. So darn cool.
  • The really awesome girl pilot remonds me a little of "Vasquez" from Aliens - also a James Cameron movie.
So - go see the movie. Like Darth Vader, Colonel Quaritch is a GREAT bad guy. Why is he a GREAT bad guy? Because he does not think he's a bad guy. He's just doing his job. Stephen Lang said as much. He played him that way and it ROCKED.


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