Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Fantasy and Science Fiction

People have asked me why I am still into Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes, Comic Books, Cartoons, etc. Why haven't I grown up? For all appearances I am a normal, well-adjusted adult male so why all this speculative fiction stuff?

Well, here it it! I've been a writer for years, but I have always come back to the zombies, wizards, dragons and stuff that's not real. For those that don't know, I spent ten years as a firefighter. In that time I saw husbands lose wives, and wives lose husbands. I saw children suffer things they should never have to suffer. I saw families displaced from their homes by fire. I saw people maimed by accidents. I saw gruesome things and lots of times it was something one human intentionally did to another.

After those ten years, I realized that I want to spend some time escaping from the bad stuff in the real world. I want to offer people the chance to go with me on that same journey.

Hence why my writing all takes place in something other than the "real" world


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