Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We need you!

I hope you are reading this and deciding what your next project is going to be.
I don't mean you have to be a creative and planning to write, draw, paint or act in some produce something (though all of those things are near and dear to my heart)

Maybe your next project is to get in shape, run a race, volunteer in your community, go back to school, build a deck on the house, look for a new career.

The point is, that you were put here with so much uniqueness and gifts aplenty. Please don't fall into the trap of work, eat, watch tv, sleep, repeat.

You have too much to contribute, too much to share and too much to give!

We need you too much


  1. i am making more art, and expression than i have in 10 years... short time, then we die or turn into re-born zombies...


  2. No doubt. We only have so long and we need to use it so that we have no regrets when the end comes. Of course if the end is only a temporary state untilwe reawaken craving brains then I guess there is always time to pursue the undead agenda.