Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chance Fortune

I was at ConNooga in beautiful Chattanooga, TN this past weekend and met a lot of great people. One that I wanted to chirp about today though is Shane Berryhill.
Shane is a Chattanooga-based author who wrote "Chance Fortune and the Outlaws"
It's a novel about a young teen in a world of superheroes. This boy desparately wants to be a superhero, but has no powers. He manages to fake having the power of "extreme luck" and becomes quite successful through training and preparation and wits.
It's a great book for adolescents or adults who love the metahuman genre. My own tween read it in one day! I am reading it now and it rocks. It is the first in a series of books about Chance Fortune.
I checked out Shane's website and I love the whole way he does things. The website has cool pictures, information, writing tips and all kinds of coolness about Chance, Shane and other properties coming from the mind of Mr. Berryhill.

Our meeting was avery "chance" event (pun intended)!

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