Monday, February 1, 2010

Plans for 2010

Just reviewed GGE's plans for 2010 and they are ambitious, to say the least. Here's some of it:
  • Have Danger Guild produced (picking artists now)
  • Publish Danger Guild - maybe simulatenously at Indy Planet and with a short print run to market to local comic shops
  • Write on my MK Ultra idea
  • Start the second Warchitect novel
  • Convert the first Warchitect novel to a graphic novel
  • Get some concept sketches of the Warchitect characters and Grimaul denizens
  • Continue pitching The Forsaken
  • Continue pitching The Warchitect
  • Write some Grimaul RPG supplements for
So those are some of the plans. We'll see how far we get!


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