Thursday, February 4, 2010

Become a Linchpin

Just got this book over the weekend and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Of course, a lot of Seth's insight and advice is available daily for free, but this book is not just great, it's necessary.
That is pretty high praise for a book! Why would I say necessary? because this book reminds us that no one is "ordinary" (not you and not me). It tells us to overcome fear and anxiety and feel free to be the genius within.
I know you are a genius. You should know it too! Seth knows it and devotes a lot of "Linchpin" to reminding you of it.
This book is for the artist, entrepreneur, cube dweller, marketing professional, manager, sales person, waiter, stay-at-home Mom. Anyone who feels like there could be more art and passion in everything they do.

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