Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Day

Happy Day at GGE. I am happy because I feel like there is momentum. "Warchitect "is out with a publisher for consideration. So is "The Forsaken". I have found some great artists to work with me on concept sketches for "The Danger Guild" and I am starting to see how an small-press produced comic book can really happen (GGE is, admittedly, a small press - for now). I am plugging along on my MK Ultra novel and Green and I have already laid out the outline for a sequel to "Warchitect".
Those are things that are happening. Things that are planned include: completing my screenplay for "The Brotherhood" and writing a graphic novel adaptation of "Warchitect" and providing some free rpg supplements for the Warchitect and his other pals from the Grimaul setting.

Momentum is  a great thing. The trick is to keep it going. One needs to get enough momentum to knock over the 1st domino and then have the other dominos set up so that the momentum keeps going. Of course there is still effort required, otherwise all the dominos fall over and all the fun stops.

Have you done anything to cause a little momentum today? Let's make a deal...let's both do something. I'll sign off and go write. What are you going to do?

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