Friday, May 7, 2010

Writing this weekend

This weekend looks open for writing and lots of it. Spent some time writing on the Pendragon Chronicles a day or so ago, but this weekend, I also need to move forward on the next major GGE propert. Right now we are shopping The Warchitect around as well as The Forsaken. work on Danger Guild is proceeding apace so things are moving forward, but I have not been as busy personally with school and the spring race series I (foolishly) entered. All that is winding up so I can get rolling on some new GGE properties.

What's hot now? Of course fantasy and science fiction, but there is always our Western Gothic stuff as well as Steampunk and Pulp Adventure. We've got storylines in all of those genres and it's just a matter of having time to bang out the work. It's true that no one can do your push ups for you (figuratively or literally I guess)

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