Monday, May 17, 2010

Smallville Season 9 finale

Just watched the Smallville Season 9 finale. Good stuff - Zod is gone. Clark got the uniform from his Mom. there was an awesome glimpse of the future (2013) with a typical Superman rescue of the daily planet building.
Here is my only gripe - we had a war with the Kandorians and the Justice League was mobilized, in the field, with Kryptonite weapons. I would have loved to see some clashes between Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Impulse and some Krytponians. Could have been awesome. The fight scenes have really stepped it up this year and this feels like a missed opportunity.
Even still, I am pretty stoked about season 10.
Is it going to be Darkseid? Do we see him in the Uniform? Will he fly? Will we see more of the Justice League? Was that Granny Goodness in Tess's hospital room.
Here is what I want. I want a full scale invasion from Apokolips. I want the Justice League to all be scene like the cool episode from season...6? I think?
I want him to fly and I want him in the uniform. don't wait for the series finale to show him suited up.
Or, if you do wait, then turn around and launch a show called "Metropolis" and lets get Superman on primetime.


  1. yes... yes... yes! i was drawn back into the series...after the opening with the suit... i think it will be darkseid and his minions... lex might be back, who was granny cross stitch? will tess be phantom of the two-face?

    will lois find the answers? maybe clark gets taken to the fortress and disappears for those three years, and all memories of him get wiped out...

    and yeah no more "zod"... great character... bad waste of time...

  2. I totally agree. I love Zod, usually, but not this one. I think I am part of a bunch of people who gets excited at every hint of "Superman" though I know they can only go so far and still be called "Smallville". Maybe season 10 will be as promising as it looks right now.

  3. jg, we talked about this in the start of the year...

    "the cape" nbc's newest creation...

    go anything with a cape!