Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cape

I have to re-post this link from an awesome blog for movie info and the like.
It's called "The Cape" and it is an upcoming show about a superhero who uses his cape and other gear to fight bad guys.
The trailer looks great. Cop, falsely accused, forced to go into hiding and strikes back as The Cape. All while hiding what he's doing from his family. Sort of "Robocop" in the family tie-in.
Summer Glau is in it (Purrrrrrr). All of her recent shows have been shows that I loved, so it bodes well for The Cape.
So head over, check out the trailer. I hated to see Heroes go, but The Cape might be a good replacement.

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  1. thanks for the nod and mention...
    i too maintain the two thumbs eight fingers site...
    jeremy [izombie]