Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Just over a week till "Wolverine" is released in theaters. Mark your calendars and go! Even if you are not a huge Wolverine fan. Here's fans and producers of Speculative Fiction, we need to also be heavy consumers of Speculative Fiction. By that I mean we need to "vote" for speculative fiction whether it is sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, etc. How do we vote? By spending money. When we are avid consumers of things we like, then more of the things we like get produced. Look at the letter writing campaign that saved the original Star Trek. Trekkies have been continually rewarded with lots of Trek because they spend crazy amounts of money on it. I throw some cash that way too because I want the things I like to become mainstream so I get more of it.
One more example, if you are a fan of cop shows, you have all you want because they are "mainstream". We are a lot farther along now than we were when I was a kid, but let's keep working.
To make a long story short...go see Wolverine! And Star Trek.

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