Monday, April 6, 2009

Learn a new skill in 2009

What is something that keeps us from doing a lot of what we would like to do? The skills to make it happen. I have lots of ideas for things like screenplays, websites, online comics, novels, independent comics, independet films, etc. I don't have all of the skills to make these things happen. What are the possible solutions? Find someone to help me for free or "on the cheap" in which case I might get just what I pay for.
Of course I could save up and pay big bucks for one area or seek investors...pretty tough way to go.
Here is my suggestions...pick a couple of the areas and develop the skills yourself. We usually have more time in our lives than we think we do. I watch too much football. If I substituted football games for learning, then I could pick up some useful skills. So why not pick up a new skill this year? I am going to. My intention is to learn how to write a good screenplay. I have a few books on the subject and will try and hone this skill during 2009. I might pick more. I would like to learn website design...but one thing at a time. What are you going to learn?

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