Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deadspace: Downfall

Just watched "Deadspace: Downfall" which is a tie-in animated movie for the video game "Deadspace". My typical experience shows that video game tie-in movies pretty much suck. Deadspace: Downfall is quite an exception. It was really cool and had some great visuals. I enjoyed the sci-fi meets fantasy bits a little bit. Of course, like any horror movie, there were the "don't go through that door!" moments, but still, a very cool movie and it definitely has me wanting to play the game (and I am not a huge gamer).
So...looking for a good sci-fi/horror movie? If you don't mind animated films (and nobody at GGE minds animation! Heck...we LOVE it!) then Deadspace: Downfall goes on the official "GGE Recommends list" (just as soon as we make an official "GGE Recommends much to do!)

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