Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superhero Tournament!!! Second Round - DC Heroes

Second round of DC Heroes is up! Commentary below.

 No huge surprises here. Superman easily polishes off Robin. Batman and Captain Atom are a close match-up but ultimately Bats prevails with a combination of ninja-like skills, gadgets, strategy and general bad-assness. Green Lantern has it all over Blue Beetle and Hawkman is no match for Martian Manhunter (even with his fear of fire). Nightwing almost pulls off the upset. All he has to do is chain her wristbands together, but she has been training for hand-to-hand combat forever so I think Nightwing goes down. Breathing underwater and talking to sea like will not help Aquaman against Captain Marvel (Shazam to some of you). Firestorm can't hit what he can't see and Flash is just a blur and advances. Dr. Fate is the world's best sorceror and Green Arrow is hoplessly outclassed in this match up.


  1. Round 2
    Green Lantern

    Captain Marvel
    Dr. Fate

    This one I didn't have too much trouble choicing.


  2. I went with Martian Manhunter, but I could see how Green Lantern could prevail, especially if it were Hal Jordan.