Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superhero Tournament!!! Second Round Marvel Superheroes

Here is the second round of the Marvel Superheroes. See our second round of DC Heroes and DC Villains to get an idea of the rest of the field!

In this round, Thor easily polishes off The Punisher. Punisher realizes he needs to separate Thor from Mjolnir, but that is easier said than done! Jean Grey and Ghost Rider are a good match up, but if Ghost Rider can get close enough for a "penance stare" then it's all over for Jean who has all the guilt of the Dark Phoenix days. Power Man is strong and semi-invulnerable, but Spidey is just as strong, and agile, and has the webbing. Luke Cage goes down. Iron Fist does better than expected using the power of the Iron Fist to Hulk's "sensitive spots" but Hulk is unstoppable in round one. Professor X takes down Daredevil with his mental might. Captain America and Iron Man are a close fight but the edge goes to Iron Man. Beast upsets Wolverine (a 10 seed upsetting a 7 seed again). Wolvie just loses it with rage and Beast has the skill, agility, strength and intellect to prevail. The big surprise is Hawkeye over The Thing, but as it was pointed out, Thing has to get close. Hawkeye could drop him with knock out gas from long range. Hawkeye advances!

1 comment:

  1. Round 2

    Iron Man

    If Spiderman had his cosmic power then he may be able to take down the Hulk. However the friendly neighbor hood Spiderman is no match for the Gama green Hulk.

    Professor X might could take Iron Man but tony would be ready for that and have soom sort of pshyic screen up.

    With the Beast agility and intelegents he'll be able to out minover Hawkeye and will triumph.