Monday, March 21, 2011

Superhero Tournament!!! Marvel Superheroes

We posted our DC Heroes and DC Villains first round tournament brackets! Now get ready! Here's the Marvel Heroes match-up!


  1. Round 1
    Ghost Rider


    Iron Man


    I have two I debated on this one. First Professor X and Daredevil. I believe the professor could read Daredevil's mind but I don't think there wouldn't be anything professor could use against him. Yhe Professor would be force to shut Daredevils mind down and the Professor would be hesitent to do that. This would give Daredevil the opening to win.
    Second the everloving blue eye Thing vs Hawkeye. Hawkeye can keep his distance but noe do alot of damage to the Thing. I believe the Thing will exhaust out Hawkeyes arrow and wear him down. Utlimately wining the battle by throwing things at Hawkeye.


  2. Looks like my last comment didn't make it...Couldn't Prof X take over Daredevil's mind and make him beat himself with his billyclub? Could DD resist this? Does he have the mental fortitude? Cap does. Iron Fist does. DD? Maybe. He is a martial artist.
    Thing vs. Hawkeye has generated a lot of controversy. Maybe Thing had an off day. Maybe he underestimated Hawkeye. Maybe I need to laugh off the booze when I write brackets. In any event, I'm sure Ben gets another shot next year and next time, I'm sure he'll be ready!