Monday, December 20, 2010

Twittering (Tweeting)

Been brushing up on my Twitter usage. Even still, I know I only understand a portion of Twitter. I am finally figuring out how to retweet and reply and I am starting to get some really good usage out of the folks I follow! Really cool.
You can follow us here. Send me a tweet and I'll follow ya back.


  1. i have know idea, how it works...

  2. I'm clueless with Twitter.

  3. I've had a twitter account for a long time. I didn't really tweet for the first several months, having no idea what I would tweet about that anyone would find eve remotely interesting. Then I started tweeting and got a couple of messages, but was clueless as to how to respond. Now I have those things figured out and I'm just now figuring out how to have an ongoing conversation via twitter. From that standpoint, it's not too dissimilar from facebook, nly with a 140 character limit.