Monday, December 6, 2010

The Expendables - a poor review from a notoriously easy reviewer

How could a movie have so much promise and undeliver so badly? Don't get me wrong..."The Expendables" was "okay" and I could watch it again. Just like I could watch "Commando" again, but it's unlikely I would do that on purpose.
I expected this to be something GREAT. Like the "Magnificent Seven" or "The Dogs of War" or "UnCommon Valor" or something like that, only with cooler uniforms, gear and bigger stars.
How can we have a movie with Jet Li and not have major martial arts fighting? I just didn't love this movie. Loved the cast. Loved the premise. Was very disappointed in how it was pulled off.


  1. ohhhh nooooo, i have been looking forward to this... and you have channeled my fears that they botched a great movie concept... maybe the sequel will be better... i still am going to see it, not rushing to do so...

  2. Definitely still see it. Worth a watch. It's not that it is so bad, it's just that it had such potential. I agree with you 100% about the sequel. I already had the same thought! Hopefully this is just establishing charactrs and the next will be a bit better.

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