Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IHero is back, baby!

Back in 1999, I wondered across an online Cyberage Adventures, an online E-zine that featured superhero stories written for adults. It had great artwork, but not sequential art like comic books. The thing I remembered most was that they viewed superheroes as a setting, not a type of story. They felt any type of story could be set in a superhero setting. I wholeheartedly agreed.
There were some products offered over time. A roleplaying game, a really great novel and a superhero tarot deck.
Then I didn't hear anything from them for awhile. Suddenly, thanks to Facebook, I wondered back across Ihero. I found their website and lo and behold, they are back with a new magazine offered both as a print mag and as a digital download.
The first issue went live today and I KNOW it will be great. I don't have to guess. I have read these writers before. I know some of the characters. It will be worth my time and money so I immediately bought my copy.
I highly suggest checking them out!

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