Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a holly, jolly, holiday

I plan to have a great holiday! Not just the family time, the overeating, the holiday cocktails, the Christmas eve services, the presents, the football, but also time for the following:
  • Relaxing Gates-style: this means some Starcraft, some World of Warcraft, lots of reading, some sci-fi movies and maybe seeing True Grit.
  • Exercising: I actally love to run and it always seems a rushed and harried practice to squeeze in my 3-5 miles. During the holiday, opportunities abound
  • Creating: I love having uninterrupted time to make notes for new and existing stories, sit down with coffee and mood music and write, write, write.
So my holiday will be all of the traditional stuff, plus my three little goals listed above. I will also, of course, review 2010 and make some goals for 2011. I'll share some closer to Jan 1.

What are your unique holiday plans?

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