Sunday, December 26, 2010

Key events

I read some cool advice a few months back. It was all around how to make sure your life feels meaningful, impactful and happy.
It all centered around making a "key events" list. The thought behind the key events list was to look back through your life and make a list of key events. Things that happened in your life that truly changed you.
It said to go all the way back as far as you could remember. It might be a meeting a best friend in elementary school, graduating high school, going to Disney World.
I thought through this and I wrote down about 30 things. A lot of it involved education (graduating from college), travel (visiting the UK) or changing jobs. Also each book that was published showed up on my key events list.
So, for me, what was the verdict?
  • Do more travel
  • Change jobs fearlessly when a better one comes along
  • Publish more books
  • Seek out educational opportunities.
The next step is to try and seek out more of the things you enjoyed, or that changed you in a positive way.
For me, this means
  • Look for new work if I want to
  • Make it a travel job
  • Publish more books
  • Finish my masters degree

All of those things are ongoing. Now that I know what a positive impact these things have had on my in the past, I am truly excited about the future!

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