Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman's New Look

Even icons need the occasional update and I like this one! J. Michael Straczynski has taken over the DC comic and plans some changes. You can see some in the pic on the left.
I love Wonder Woman because she kicks serious butt! Like the girlie version of Superman. Of course she is also totally hot!
I always felt like, if Supes wasn't around, that leadership of Earth's heroes would fall to WW. Sure, Batman would have a lot of say, but he's more of an advisor, not the leader that Kal-el and Diana can be!
So, I am in favor of the new threads! What about you?


  1. thoughts are light on my part, i only remember the tv show version... and i always crush on lynda carter. i have some late 60s... early 70s comic books around the "the lab" i will have to look around and read 'em...

    wonder woman is all woman!

  2. Linda Carter certainly made Wonder Woman a lot more relevant to me as well! Since then, I have only liked the character more and more and I liked the John Byrne take on her series. I really enjoyed her portrayal on the JLU Animated movies.