Friday, June 18, 2010

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern - First Look

Well, for anyone who hasn't heard, Ryan Reynolds has been cast to play Green Lantern in an upcoming film set for release in June 2011.

The movie has been given a decent sized budget and is getting lots of buzz.

One disclaimer, the image to the left is a fan-created image (impressive!). The actual costume is still in discussion and there is some thought that it might be totally CGI. The thinking has been that since the costume should look alien and come from the ring, then it might look more like a manifestation of his power.

I don't know...we'll just have to see. As long as it looks like an interstellar cop (which is what the Corp represents, right?) then it should be cool.

I have always loved the Green Lantern mix of superhero and science fiction! I love cross genre stuff and GL was cross genre before either of the genres was really established.


  1. i don't know about this film or the obvious overload of comic book characters going to the big screen... but i don't think it ever really stopped. more of a hey spiderman and iron man worked... if they were all like incredible hulk, either film... none of the craze would be there. now don't get me wrong, but i want a descent howard the duck movie... not that lea thompson... did not play a hand in my early teenage years. lol

    lucas had her making out with a duck aren't there websites devoted to this sort of thing... yikes


  2. Aahh...Lea Thompson.
    I worry too about the number of superhero movies only in that quality has to suffer as more people jump on the bandwagon. We want more "Dark Knight" and less "Batman and Robin"

  3. agreed, dark knight is the right cookie cutter design should be... not to be reminded of superman returns... it looked awesome, i still get chills when he saves the jet and looks out into the crowd... but then most of the rest happened. they should have started fresh...

    less' "kill the heroes"
    more' "here we go"