Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hank, the Idea Monkey

Finally Revealed, the source of GGE's ideas!

Yes, that is a picture of Green, of Green Gates as he converses with Hank, the "Idea Monkey" for new ideas that Green Gates can use. GGE often quizzes Hank for new ideas and we run most of our current plans past the Idea Monkey before sharing them with the public.

Don't worry, Hank is fine with sharing his knowledge. As you can see from the pic, all he asks in return is a small bottle of gatorade.

Here is another pic of Hank sharing his ideas with Green and his brother. Hank is an endless fount of knowledge and wisdom and is highly sought after in entertainment circles. He started his career as a stockbroker in NY city, but found the indigenous people to be too uncivilized for his tastes. He's retired to Chattanooga, TN, voted one of the "top 25 places to retire" by Money Magazine. (Money, not Monkey - Hank asked that I point that out)

Hank lives in Chattanooga at the Warner Park Zoo. Feel free to visit him to ask about Chattanooga, stock advice or just to let him serve as your own personal muse. Now the world knows where GGE gets its fresh, original, snappy ideas.

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