Monday, June 7, 2010

GGE to work with Southpaw Smith

GGE has announced a partnership with Scott Claringbold, creator of "Southpaw Smith" to bring you the next chapter in Southpaw's war on crime.
Southpaw Smith was first seen in 2008 in Claringbold's "Southpaw Smith: Round One".

Southpaw is a former boxer and ex-detective from London. After surviving exposure to an experimental test serum that creates metahuman super soldiers (in those few lucky enough to survive the process) Southpaw was approached by a shadow ops group known as "The Organisation". After turning down the Organisation, Southpaw's girlfriend was killed leaving Southpaw to wage a one man war on The Organisation and its global operations.
Now, Scott Claringbold and GGE are teaming up to bring you the next Southpaw Smith adventure to be published through Granton City Press.

Scott Claringbold, besides being the creator of Southpaw, is also the creator of Rabid, a character who starred in his own self-titled (and sadly short-lived) comic series written by Claringbold and drawn by Marc Olivent.

Look for more on Southpaw as the project develops.

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