Saturday, January 8, 2011

True Grit

Finally got to see the new "True Grit"! A bit of history...I had to watch John Wayne movies growing up. They were my Dad's favorite. I watched so many that I was not a huge fan (I am now - I think as a means to connect with my Dad). Anyway, the first time I saw the original "True Grit", I was struck by three things:
  • Rooster Cogburn was not your typical John Wayne character
  • The dialogue was unlike any western I have ever seen or read
  • My Dad did not like Rooster Cogburn
Obviously this was a formula for me to love the film. I did. I have watched it hundreds of times. When I saw the new one was coming out, I was thrilled. I saw it last night and was not disappointed. The dialogue is still some of the catchiest around. I love that Portis' novel is still impactful after all these years.

I know I usually blog about sci-fi, fantasy, writing, zombies, etc. This movie though (and especially the book that spawned the film) impresses me because it is "different" in a very formulaic genre. I also work in some formulaic genres and I would love to find a voice that was different enough to be notable decades after I penned the words. I think in these cases , different (but familiar) is a very good place to be!

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