Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2nd is tomorrow

GGE is a completely non-political entity. We don't have a Political Action Committee. We don't have a favorite party or a favorite candidate.
As an entertainment company, the only political issue we might get excited about it censorship.
That being said, we do get excited about Freedom and the choices we get to exercise in the political process.
What's my point today? Go vote.
Voting is a basic right in America. People (lots of them) have fought and died to ensure we get to vote. Don't like the politicians we have? Not much we can do to change the choices, but we can have a lesser favorite and a least favorite. Vote for the one you hate the least...just vote. It's probably more important than you think.
My grandmother and her sisters, all of whom have lived well into their 90's (One, my esteemed Aunt Elois is still kicking at 105) would never miss a chance to vote. They have cast absentee ballots from hospital beds. Struggled to the polls toting an oxygen tank. They saw it as a right AND a responsibility. So do I .
Tomorrow, I will be voting. So will my Aunt Elois (actually she takes advantage of early voting - for her it's like getting a Christmas present early). Hopefully we'll see you there.

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