Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My Day job has been a major distraction to writing lately, so I am a bit behind on the word count I wanted to have written by October 2010. Of course I am also working on my Master's degree, I am a runner and I have a wife and kids. All of these could fall under the label of distractions...if I let them.
I suspect Stephen King has distractions (a raging cocaine habit back in the 80's). I am sure R.A. Salvatore has distractions (he still meets with his gaming group weekly). Terry Brooks certainly has distractions (he hits fantasy conventions all over the globe). In the meantime, this folks also manage to churn out more words than I ever have.
I suspect it involves their discipline to manage the distractions and still find time for their art. I am not advocating shirking our familial and social obligations.
I am advocating meeting those AND still making time for our art.

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