Thursday, April 12, 2012

Legend of Grimrock

So, like most fantasy/sci-fi writers out there, I have certainly spent my share of time around a roleplaying table (and I'm happy I have - some of the best memories and closest friendships).
So, when my oldest son told me about "Legend of Grimrock", I immediately thought "Dungeon Crawl"! Cool!
Basically, four adventurers are sentenced to death, but their death sentence is commuted...if they can survive the dungeon of Grim rock. It's a towering mountain, filled with a honey comb of traps, monsters and all manner of creepiness. Why do they put prisoners there? I don't keep down the monster population? To look for treasures so the Empire can steal them back when the adventurers emerge? Doesn't matter. The fun part is, you make up four characters and go in and kick some ass.
Personally, I will be making up four of the main characters from my own novel "Return To Glory". I know those rascals so well it will be fun to run through the dungeons with them.
Wait? "Return To Glory" is about "The Seven Companions! Who gets left out?"
Well, there are no dwarfs in Legend of Grimrock so Merrick can't go. There actually aren't elves either but I can look past that. There are no priests so no healers.
For me, it will be

  • Roegr (warrior - there aren't Rangers in the game, but I will pump up his archery)
  • Jared (mage)
  • Kildar (rogue)
  • Feral (warrior)
We'll see how they do. who does that leave out?
  • Alexandra (warrior) - if my initial party dies, she'll lead a group to save them
  • Gideon (warrior) - Roegr's protege
  • Merrick (warrior) - there aren't any dwarfs so he won't show up unless there is an expansion.
In any event, nothing like a six pack of brew and a dungeon crawl with my favorite characters. I wish it were around the table with my friends, but this will prove fun nonetheless!

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