Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 2 of hyperproductivity

Took a slight hit to the hyperproductivity today. I was to pick my son up at Logan airport at 5:00, so I arrived at 4:15 with my other two kiddos in tow. My wife called to let me know she was wrong, it wasn't 5:00, it was 6:00. No big deal.

Then she called back...

James missed his flight from Spring Breaking in NC. He would now be arriving at 9:00 pm....what? 4.5 hours in Logan?

What to do? We went to the Borders books, we bought books, we went to Kidport (playground), we shopped at Brookstone, we went to the sports bar. I read, they played, they played on Ipads...we made the best of it.

Here is a pic of me making the best of it.

Trying to at least move my creativity forward, I bought this book by Kevin Smith and read over half of it in the airport. It's really good! And pretty inspirational. I recently read "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins. There is some crap in Unlimited Power, but there is some gold as well. One piece of gold is that we should emulate people who have done what we would like to do. Based on that, I started reading a biography of Walt Disney. When I saw one of Kevin Smith, an autobiography no less, it seemed perfect. Here is an overweight comic nerd with a love of movies...much like yours truly!

So, what did I accomplished today? I did my workout. I managed to get Jamie home from Logan. I did edit some in Seeds of Vyldur. I was not perfect on my diet (reference the picture above). I did, however, have a memorable day at Logan with my kiddos.
Here's a pic of the kiddos at the airport

So, on to day 3!

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