Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 1

Well, my wife left me today! Not for good or anything like that. She has a bit of a family emergency back home in TN, that is going to require her to spend a few months there caring for a sick relative. Before that, however, she is off to Texas to help her sister move into her first newly constructed home.
This leaves me in Boston for 20 weeks. Ten weeks with the kids and ten weeks without (I will take them to TN for the second ten weeks and I will visit as often as possible).
After the 20 weeks, we should all be reunited here in Boston.
So, how to spend 20 weeks or roughly 140 days. Well, I hope, rather than moping around and counting the days till September, that I can use the time to be productive. So, I want to accomplish something each of the next 140 days. This is day 1. Here is my plan:

·         Blog
·         Run 3-4 miles
·         Edit Seeds of Vyldur
·         GGP Website
·         Edit RTG
·         Stay on my diet
·         Get Abby to and from Karate

            I hope to report on my progress

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